Merritt W. “Tim” Green, II (in memoriam)

Tim Green is a legendary trial lawyer whose character lives on at Parsons Law Firm. Tim was the Captain of the 1953 University of Michigan football team; he traveled to the Deep South in dangerous times to represent individuals seeking their Constitutional rights; he was a master of courtroom skill; he emphasized civility, humor, and respect.

Every long-standing law firm has a personality that develops over time and serves as a model of law practice for each succeeding member. Tim Green played a significant role in forming the personality of Parsons Law Firm. His integrity as a person, his courage as a lawyer, and his humor as a story-teller of passionate causes — won and lost — live on. (Learn more about Tim in this Northern Express article.)

Click here to hear Tim Green’s father argue on his behalf in the seminal case “In Re Green” before the Supreme Court.