Michigan Personal Injury Law

When you are injured or a loved one is killed, it is difficult to ensure that your rights are respected and you receive fair compensation. Michigan’s No-Fault automobile insurance is complex and insurers are restricting coverage for individuals who have been paying high premiums for years. Accidents at work and on commercial property are difficult to pursue on your own. And cases of wrongful death require someone to advocate on behalf of your loved one.

Parsons Law Firm has decades of experience navigating the system. We believe that helping injured individuals is the only way to make insurance companies accountable. Learn more about our personal injury practice areas below. For additional information, we welcome you to contact us for a free, confidential consultation.

Automobile Injury

Insurance companies are aggressive in restricting insurance coverage and denying valid claims. An injured person needs an attorney who understands the No Fault laws. Michigan No Fault Laws “First party” benefits — full medical, wage loss, a… Read More

Wrongful Death

All cases involving a dead person must be brought under Michigan’s Wrongful Death Act, MCL 600.2922. That legislative act defines the persons who may file a personal injury lawsuit, how a suit is to be settled, and who may share (and who may not sh… Read More

Motorcycle & Bicycle Accidents

Bicycles and motorcycles are not “second class citizens” under Michigan law, but they are frequently treated like that. They should normally enjoy the full protection of Michigan Law, including Michigan No Fault benefits where automobiles are inv… Read More

Snowmobile & ATV Accidents

Snowmobile cases can be difficult, and they always require extensive investigation to identify eyewitnesses and evaluate the physical evidence. There may be significant legal issues — does No Fault insurance medical insurance apply; what was the ri… Read More

Premises Liability

Michigan’s premises liability “common law” has been changed drastically in recent years by Michigan Supreme Court rulings. The Court now views many hazardous conditions as “open and obvious” — meaning that an injured victim should hav… Read More

Product Liability

Manufacturers may make a defectively-designed product, and retailers may sell a defective product. The citation for Michigan’s Product Liability Act is MCL 600.2945 et seq. The statute of limitations for filing a product liability claim is gene… Read More

Workplace Accidents

Generally, when a person is injured on-the-job, the “exclusive remedy” for the lost wages and medical benefits are provided under Worker Compensation. However, the Worker Compensation law does not provide “personal injury” dam… Read More