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Intern Drowns in Vat Due to Negligent Design: $975,000 Settlement

A summer intern working in a factory was found drowned in a vat, which was located below the main floor of the factory. The case was shrouded in mystery until we hired mechanical engineering experts — who reviewed engineering drawings of the factory. We discovered a “pressure vent” had been omitted during construction, and water-pressure in the vat caused a floor-hatch-cover to pop open, creating a hole in the middle of the walkway. We produced a computer simulation of the incident. We also created a model the over-pressurization incident, and demonstrated how less than 1 PSI dislodged the hatch cover. See our creative approach to animations here. Read More

Death of Retired Farmer: $800,000 Settlement Before Filing Suit

Usually, large verdicts are the result of large economic loss — wage loss, medical care costs, etc. In this case, there was no economic loss, but we produced a “day-in-the-life” video with the help of a television production company. The video not only conveyed the wonderful nature of the victim, but also was a beautiful memento for the family. Read More

Railroad Crossing Death: $7,500,000 Verdict – $9,000,000 Settlement

This was one of Tim Green‘s cases. Multiple victims died when their vehicle was struck by a train at a railroad crossing. This verdict stands as one of the best verdicts in Ohio railroad litigation. The key was an intensive investigation that produced compelling eyewitness testimony that the crossing warnings were defective. Read More

Temporary Worker Crushed: $925,000 Settlement

A young musician working part-time in a factory was crushed by a stack of materials that tipped over. The employer stated he was uninsured, so the client’s widow asked us to investigate. We did intensive investigation, which revealed that the delivery company had stacked the material in an unsafe condition, and the owner’s insurance was still in effect, even though the insurance had been bought under another corporate name. We settled with the delivery company for a guarantee of $200,000. We next took an assignment of the employer’s old insurance policy, from the owner. We then filed a second suit against the insurance company to collect. The insurer settled for $725,000, adding to the guarantee of $200,000, for a total of $925,000 — all of which was paid. Read More