» Workplace Accidents

Defective Lift Crushes Factory Worker: $980,000 Settlement

An employee was killed when a scissor-lift bucket he was using to repair overhead pipes crushed him against an overhead pipe. The company that originally designed the machine had gone out of business and there was no insurance. We located a successor corporation with a $1,000,000 insurance policy that provided coverage for the incident. Read More

Broken Guard on Sanding Machine: $350,000 Settlement

A young man suffered a very serious hand injury when his hand was dragged into a belt sander after the guard came open. Our research uncovered the history of the machine, which had been sold at auction in California. Eventually, we were able to show by a preponderance of evidence that a prior company had modified the guard. See images from the computer simulations we have created to help win cases like this one. Read More

Temporary Worker Crushed: $925,000 Settlement

A young musician working part-time in a factory was crushed by a stack of materials that tipped over. We settled with the delivery company for a guarantee of $200,000. We next took an assignment of the employer’s old insurance policy, then filed a second suit against the insurance company to collect. The insurer settled for $725,000, adding to the guarantee of $200,000, for a total of $925,000 — all of which was collected. Read More

Painter Falls: $425,000 Settlement

A painter doing a finishing exterior coat fell from his ladder, suffering a closed head injury, when a board that had been improperly nailed onto a house gave way. The key to the case was distinguishing the facts of the case from worker’s compensation. Read More

Timber Worker Struck by Falling Limb: $240,000 Appeal and Settlement

An untrained worker was struck by a hazardous tree limb. The landowner was found liable. The key to the case was researching legal doctrine, and defending the case on appeal. Read More

Construction Equipment Flips in Soft Soil: $450,000 Settlement

A construction worker was paralyzed from the waist down when the machine he was in tipped over. The contractor who installed the driveway used poor soil for “fill” and did not properly compact the soil. We sued both the general contractor and the driveway contractor. The key to this case was the expert analysis of the soils, soil density tests, and expert analysis of the steering characteristics of the machine. Read More

Defective Factory Design Kills Worker: $975,000 Settlement

Usually a worker cannot sue if she is injured on workplace premises. In this case, we proved a contractor wrongly designed a new area of the factory. A worker fell through a floor grate and drowned in a vat. Read More