» Snowmobile & ATV Accidents

Snowmobile Strikes Parked Vehicle at Night: CONFIDENTIAL

A snowmobile traveling on the side of a highway ran into the back of a parked car, killing the snowmobiler. We proved scientifically that the snowmobile’s headlight was on and the snowmobiler was obeying the law, but the truck was parked hazardously. Read More

Snowmobile Passenger Suffers Foot and Ankle Injuries: $200,000 Settlement

A speeding snowmobile slid around a corner and hit our client’s sled. The client’s foot and ankle were badly broken. The insurance company tried to deny insurance coverage, but was forced to cover the damages. Read More

ATVs Crash on Two-Track: $500,000 Verdict

Two ATVs collided head on, on a blind curve on a dirt road. The client suffered a badly broken wrist. The insurance company argued our client was an “out-of-towner.” Read More