» Premises Liability

Child Bitten by Visiting Dog: $100,000 Verdict

The mother’s boyfriend’s dog bit the child on the face twice, requiring stitches the second time. The grand-mother acted as the child’s conservator and we obtained a verdict and arranged for the money to be preserved for the child. Read More

Septic Tank Handle is Trip Hazard: $145,000 Settlement During Trial

A woman fell and suffered serious knee injury at a local business, after tripping on a septic tank handle in the walkway. We proved the problem had been known. Read More

Rental Truck Tailgate Collapses: $175,000 Verdict

A “big box” department store rented the client a truck to move gardening goods. When the client unloaded the truck, one of the side panels collapsed, causing him to fall. He had a badly broken wrist. Read More

Store Merchandise Falls on Shopper: $387,000 Settlement

The client suffered a low back injury when a bale of insulation fell off the shelf, striking him. He was not disabled from work, but tests confirmed “soft-tissue” injury. Read More

Grocery Store Electronic Door: $450,000 Settlement

An 80 year old man entering a grocery store was pinned by a malfunctioning electric door, which broke his leg. We obtained maintenance records and witness statements about past problems with the door. Read More

Defective Factory Design Kills Worker: $975,000 Settlement

Usually a worker cannot sue if she is injured on workplace premises. In this case, we proved a contractor wrongly designed a new area of the factory. A worker fell through a floor grate and drowned in a vat. Read More

Slip and Fall on Ice at Mall: $509,000 Settlement

The snowplow contractor piled the snow in a mall parking lot, and periodically the ice would melt and drain across a walkway, then freeze. The client slipped and fractured her leg; then a Good Samaritan also slipped, hitting her head and suffering a closed head injury. The store owner and the plowing contractor were both liable. Read More

Fairgrounds Boy Killed by Pick-Up Backing Up: $2 Million Verdict

Although it appeared the pick-up driver was totally at fault for backing up and striking a 6 year old boy, we investigated the history of the fairgrounds, as well as fairgrounds regulations, and proved the fairground was unsafe. See our presentation of the feasible safety precautions that could have been put in place to prevent this tragedy. | Learn more about this case in the Traverse City Record Eagle. Read More