» Automobile Injury

Young Woman with Mild Closed Head Injury: $350,000 Verdict

A young woman suffered injury when a driver spun-out on “black ice” because he was going too fast. Read More

Sheriff, Service Station, State Highway Agency: $2,100,000 Case Evaluation, $500,000 Partial Settlement

The Michigan Department of Transportation, the County Sheriff, and a Service Station were sued because of a serious traffic accident. Our client was a passenger in a sheriff vehicle that spun out in a rainstorm. Internet discovery of Dept. of Transportation engineering data showed the road surface was dangerously worn. Investigation of the vehicle’s maintenance records of the service station showed bad tires were installed shortly before the crash. Read More

Retired Teacher Side-Swiped by Boat Trailer: $425,000 Verdict

The client was walking with her husband when a fishing boat trailer broke loose and struck her hip. The insurer argued the client’s injuries were not serious because she was age 67 and retired. We showed that the client’s retirement years are “the golden years” and an injury at that time of life has even worse consequences. Read More

Retired Farmer Killed by Speeding Semi: $800,000 Settlement

Before suit was filed, we created a memorial video of the client’s life and convinced the insurance company to settle. Read More

Garbage Hauler Strikes Car: $817,000 Settlement

The client suffered two badly broken wrists in a head-on crash with a heavy-duty pick-up truck on icy roadway. Read More

Soft Tissue (Whiplash) Injury: $350,000 Verdict

A local business-woman suffered soft tissue (muscle and ligament) injuries when her vehicle was struck head on by a drunk driver. She was unable to work full-time, and she lost some cherished sports activities. We won the trial, then filed suit against the client’s insurance company to collect the award from UM/UIM coverage. (Note, we also obtained a “first party” settlement of $35,000 for physical therapy benefits, in a separate lawsuit.) Read More

Car Accident: $1,000,000 Settlement

A passenger in a borrowed car was killed during a wedding reception, because the driver was intoxicated. The issue of “permissive use” of the borrowed car took extensive investigation. Read More

Car Driver Swerves, Causes Semi to Crash: $1.2 Million

A long-haul driver swerved to avoid a hit-and-run driver, and despite heroically avoiding killing the hit-and-run driver, suffered a severe wrist injury when his rig jack-knifed. The employer and insurance company fought the claim. We won a $750,000 arbitration award. The insurance company filed an appeal to overturn the award. We won $1.2 million — for a severely broken wrist. Read More

"Homeless Woman" Killed by Left-Turn Driver: $635,000 Verdict

A careless driver turned left, and killed an allegedly “homeless” woman. Law enforcement did not ticket the driver for political reasons. We proved the local politics, and we proved the woman’s family loved her. See our creative demonstration of the scene of the accident. Read More

Fairgrounds Boy Killed by Pick-Up Backing Up: $2 Million Verdict

Although it appeared the pick-up driver was totally at fault for backing up and striking a 6 year old boy, we investigated the history of the fairgrounds, as well as fairgrounds regulations, and proved the fairground was unsafe. See our presentation of the feasible safety precautions that could have been put in place to prevent this tragedy. | Learn more about this case in the Traverse City Record Eagle. Read More