Whistleblower & Employment

The loss of a job causes not just the loss of wages and benefits, but also emotional problems.

There are many types of employment cases with many differing statutes of limitations: a whistleblower must file suit within 90 days; a woman who is sexually harassed may have 3 years to file legal claims but less to file administrative claims; a person whose employment contract was breached may have 6 years; a person who was discriminated against because of age, physical or mental condition, may have 3 years. There are many laws and many exceptions.

Our Michigan Whistleblower and Employment Attorneys

For more than 30 years, Parsons Law Firm has represented clients in whistleblower and employment law cases to protect the rights of employees and to hold employers accountable according to the laws of Michigan and the federal government. If you think we may be able to help you with a Michigan civil rights case, we welcome you to contact us for a free, confidential consultation.

Michigan Whistleblower and Employment Cases

The following cases are examples of our past employment cases*:

Whistleblower: $1,00,000 Judgment after Verdict

"Whistleblower" laws protect those who report wrongdoing. A county employee "blew the whistle" when the County Administrator switched millage funds from the intended purpose to the General Fund.

"Type 2" Whistleblower: $1,100,000 verdict

"Whistleblower" laws also protect those who don't report originally, but later cooperate with investigations and lawsuits. Two secretaries testified on behalf of a supervisor who was wrongly fired. As a result, they were harassed and emotionally abused on-the-job. Though the secretaries only earned about $25,000 per year, a jury awarded them damages for lost wages and emotional upset. Learn more about this case in the Traverse City Record Eagle.

Additional Whistleblower Retaliation: $350,000 Case Evaluation

After the secretary settled the original whistleblower suit (the verdict of $1.1 million) the former employer cancelled her health benefit. We again filed suit — the 3rd suit in this series of cases.

Whistleblower Building Inspection Secretary: $165,000 Verdict

A secretary in the county building inspection department blew the whistle on a supervisor who was probably skimming and was giving permits that may have been fraudulent.

Murder by Contract Co-Worker: $500,000 Settlement

Increasingly, employers are using “contract” workers. When they hire outsiders, however, there is the danger of the unknown. A contract co-worker with a criminal history bludgeoned an employee to death. The employer failed to screen the contractor with a known criminal history.

Defamation of a Township Supervisor: $110,000 Verdict

This is a precedent-setting case. A group of disgruntled voters circulated a memo falsely accusing the supervisor of wrong-doing. Learn more about this case in the Traverse City Record Eagle. | Read the precedent-setting Michigan Supreme Court opinion.

Handicap Discrimination: $150,000 Verdict

Employers sometimes fire employees with health conditions to avoid paying health insurance. The client in this case had survived breast cancer surgery, but the employer claimed there was no place for her anymore. At trial, the employer offered the long-time employee a job cleaning toilets — and the jury literally laughed out loud.

Sexual Harassment of Corrections Officers: $475,000 Settlement

State correctional officials wrongly tolerated co-workers making crude remarks and harassing women. Every employer may be liable if its supervisors do such things, and the supervisors may be held personally liable, under certain circumstances.

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* These employment cases are chosen from many more, to illustrate some of the variety of the issues we have dealt with.