Product Liability

Manufacturers may make a defectively-designed product, and retailers may sell a defective product. The citation for Michigan's Product Liability Act is MCL 600.2945 et seq. The statute of limitations for filing a product liability claim is generally 3 years, although there are some exceptions.

Product liability law is difficult and manufacturers have vast resources to defend their products. We often use "computer simulation" effectively to prove our client's case. See Creative Trial Presentation.

Our Michigan Product Liability Attorneys

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Michigan Product Liability Cases

The following cases are some examples of our past successes*:

Defective Rifle Injures Hunter's Right Eye: $635,000 Verdict

A rifle was designed with excess head space for high caliber ammo. The gun blew open and partially blinded a hunter's right eye. See images from the computer simulation we created to help win this case.

Defective Personal Watercraft: $3.4 Million Verdict

The front hood of a personal watercraft flew off — striking the client in the face — causing fractures and a brain injury. Learn more about this case in the Traverse City Record Eagle.

Defective Lift Crushes Factory Worker: $980,000 Settlement

An employee was killed when a scissor-lift bucket he was using to repair overhead pipes crushed him against an overhead pipe. The company that originally designed the machine had gone out of business and there was no insurance. We located a successor corporation with a $1,000,000 insurance policy that provided coverage for the incident.

Partial Amputation of Left Thumb: $280,000 Settlement

The screw holding the guard on an electric hand saw came loose, and the guard shattered, partially amputating the client’s thumb.

“Kit” Bookcase Tips Over on Infant: $275,000 Settlement

A 2 year old infant playing in front of a “do-it-yourself” bookcase was killed when the bookcase tipped over. With our expert’s help, we analyzed the loading and tipping characteristics of this particular bookshelf, and the company added a wall bracket and screw, to prevent tip-overs. See images from the computer simulations we have created to help win cases like this one.

Broken Guard on Sanding Machine: $350,000 Settlement

A young man suffered a very serious hand injury when his hand was dragged into a belt sander after the guard came open. Our research uncovered the history of the machine, which had been sold at auction in California. Eventually, we were able to show by a preponderance of evidence that a prior company had modified the guard. See images from the computer simulations we have created to help win cases like this one.

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* These product liability cases are chosen from many more, to illustrate some of the variety of issues we have dealt with.