Parsons Law Firm Wins $2M Verdict for Family of 6-Year-Old Boy

Parsons Law Firm obtained a $2 million jury verdict on behalf of a family who lost their 6-year-old son at the Northwest Michigan Fair. Zeke was riding his bicycle on the bike path to the barns to prepare his pet horse to show at Special Kids Day. A noncamper driver drove his truck down the bike path on a private errand and passed Zeke. Forgetting that Zeke was behind him, the driver suddenly stopped and backed up approximately 30 feet. Zeke was struck by the vehicle and passed away.

Parsons Law Firm presented evidence to the jury that the Fair allowed vehicular traffic on the children's bike path and failed to implement feasible alternatives that would have alleviated the risks. Using innovative trial presentation graphics designed by the firm, Parsons Law Firm was able to clearly demonstrate the layout of the fairground premises, the sequence of events, and the feasible alternative safety measures not implemented by the Fair.

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