Creative Trial Presentation

Parsons Law Firm uses the latest technology for trial presentation and graphic storytelling. It is imperative that a jury understand how and when an injury or death occurred. Using graphic presentations and animations, we are able to provide a visual demonstration of the events that resulted in the loss of a loved one or a severe injury.

Meaningful Graphics

Parsons Law Firm designs demonstrative graphics to help a jury understand the scene, the sequence of events, and other important elements such as feasible safety alternatives.

Relying on drone photographs of the fairgrounds, here we highlighted to the jury the feasible safety alternatives that could have been implemented to prevent the tragic death of a 6 year old boy, who was hit by a truck while on the fairgrounds bike path:

Here, the intersection in which a woman was struck and killed was expanded to show the jury the location of the vehicles and their corresponding headlights as well as the location of the crosswalk:

Compelling Animations

Parsons Law Firm works closely with animators to illustrate how certain conditions can result in significant injuries. These types of animations are especially important in product liability cases, where a jury may not be familiar with certain types of machinery or components.

We recreated the operation of a faulty rifle that was was designed with excess head space for high caliber ammo. The gun blew open and partially blinded a hunter's right eye. Using animation helped the jury understand the technical specifications and the defect:

We have been using these types of animations for many years, recognizing the power of technology to assist in understanding complicated concepts: